Gummie Bier

Another label for Dr. Benny, this time for his latest creation, Gummie Bier. See Stim-u-ale in a previous blog entry (below). The labels are really used promotionally. They aren’t meant to sell the beer off the shelf, but are emailed to Dr. Benny’s friends and family, in order to properly celebrate the latest brew. My payment is in actual beer, and great food (at their party). I consider this a graphic design perk.beerbottles


Brave Ellis’s first guitar recital.

Ellis (9-yrs-old) was worried about going up in front of his fellow classmates and performing the song he learned to play—his first (The Beatles All My Lovin). Here is a blurry recording (sorry) of how he managed to push through the mistakes made along the way to finish the job. Congratulations Ellis! It’s perfect. Dad.